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FIFA 16 miss the 2015's bestselling home entertainment title

According to ERA, the biggest entertainment seller of the year was Adele's 25, released on November 20, which sold just over 2.6m copies in the six weeks to the end of the year.

Even Lionel Messi must bow to the might of Adele.Click here to get more fifa 16 coins and improve your team.The singer's 25 album beat the FIFA 16 computer game to become the best-selling home entertainment title of 2015 and help drive a 4 per cent increase in UK music sales.

Despite its release just six weeks before the end of the year, 25 racked up 2.6m CD and download sales. The album recorded 88,000 more sales than FIFA 16, the year's blockbuster computer game, figures from the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) showed.

It narrowly beat the top game, FIFA 16, whose latest edition released in September 2015 sold 2.5m copies. 

There was bad news for the Apple's iTunes store however - the album download market appears to be in terminal decline, with sales falling 13%. UK singles sales slumped 15% as streaming proves a more popular alternative among young fans

The Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) has released its entertainment chart for 2015 as well as retail revenue figures from the year across music, video and games titles.

Surging digital revenues pushed the UK's combined games, video and music markets to an all-time high of £6.1bn in 2015, finally shrugging off a decade of decline, according to latest figures from the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) based on data from the Official Charts Company (music, video) and GfK Chart-track (videogames).

Entertainment sales reached £6.04bn in 2004, but that peak was then followed by years of decline, hitting a low point of £5.2bn in 2012 in the face of the impact of the internet and the closure of High Street names like Woolworths, Our Price and Virgin.

All three entertainment sectors registered growth last year with video up 1.5%, music up 3.5% and games up a striking 10%.

In each sector, it was digital services driving the growth:

In music, streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Amazon Prime Music increased sales by nearly 50% to £251m over the year.

In video, digital revenues from services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime and Sky Store exceeded £1bn for the first time, making it almost certain that video will become a majority-digital business in 2016.

While in games, digital revenues from online and mobile services - which are more than those of music and video put together – grew 17% to £1.9bn.Get more fut16coin can build your own favorite team.


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