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Jose Mourinho's strategies Misunderstanding at Real Madrid

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1. Mourinho's managerial philosophy - Mourinho has ONE way in which he manages (or atleast till date, has managed) all his clubs. Manage your team and buy fifa coins to upgrade your strength. He creates a siege mentality with an US vs THEM scenario in every club he goes to. With Porto, he was the underdog fighting against the big dogs, with Chelsea, it was the FA and referees and media being biased towards Manchester United, with Inter again it was the same, where he ticked off the media and other managers to get bad press and then generate this siege mentality.

 Real Madrid, on the other hand, is a club with enormous prestige and honor. While the Barcelona hegemony was going on domestically, the Madrid faithful persisted with Mourinho's attempts at creating "this world is unfair mentality".

Once the hegemony was broken last year, the downswing in reputation of one of the greatest and most storied club in world football is beginning to test the patience of the faithful. Also, considering that Mourinho never stays at a club for more than a few years, this is obviously not the way forward for Real Madrid. 

Dissenting voices are coming up. Another very important reason is the factions in the club. Mourinho's siege mentality is compromised by the close relations that Casillas, Alonso et al have with their Spanish teammates from Barcelona. And one thing you do not do at Madrid is tick off their legends who have been there for a decade and will be there long after Mourinho is gone, especially one who is called San Iker (Saint Iker) throughout Spain (not just Madrid)!

2. Mourinho's style of play -  Mourinho employs a very high tempo, high pressing and fast counter attacking game at Madrid which puts insane amounts of pressure (workload-wise) on each and every player. This usually works with the siege mentality that he imparts (see above). However, this is problematic on two fronts. 

Mourinho usually leaves after a short term leaving behind a group of players who are out of gas from the high intensity of play. This happened at Chelsea, this happened at Inter. I believe that the players are tanked out from last season, which was perhaps one of the most demanding seasons for every individual in that team. Also, every player was busy at Euro 2012, giving them almost no time for pre season recovery. Basically, they have been at this tempo for over a year and a half now.

The second reason why this is a problem is because the team is Real Madrid. Porto, Chelsea, and to some extent Inter can get away with this style of play, but for a Madridista, it is not acceptable. Real Madrid FC doesn't just win everytime, they win by playing the most beautiful football. This has been the Real Madrid way since forever. Again, while chasing Barcelona and while results kept coming, people put up with it, but now counter attacking against Celta de Vigo is not accpetable. Mourinho's system has to adapt (which he has tried to be fair, with Modric).

3. Form of key players - There can be no argument to the fact that the form of key players like Benzema, Di Maria and Higuain, and to some extent Ozil earlier, has failed to reach the glittering heights of last years campaign. They have flattered to deceive, though Ozil is finding form now. The defense has made numerous errors from crosses and set plays which is just unforgivable at any level of the game, leave aside Real Madrid FC. Is it a factor of being tanked out from last season, or just a dip in form, or a lack of sufficient practice in defending , this has played a huge impact. In the previous three seasons, whenever things were not going their way, Ronaldo used to drag them back by his sheer bloody minded brilliance, however he's been off color lately as well. Injuries to key players resulting in a not-stable back 4 has also been a huge factor, I guess, in the defensive lapses.

4. Other teams adapting to Madrid's style and Real not being able to adjust (highly related to the above points) - As mentioned above, Madrid are the bigger team and other teams will park the bus against them. Buy fifa 16 coins and build the best team to challenge players around the world. Madrid have not been able to sufficiently adjust and dispose of such teams. Against Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, the players raised their games in a more "open" match and played to their strengths. Against the lesser lights of La Liga and Spain, the fire seems to be missing. Again, may be a factor of the burn out from last season.

"FIFA 16" update reveals that its Xbox One version received discount

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Buy fifa 16 coins and build the best team to challenge players around the world.Microsoft currently offers "FIFA 16" at half of its original price, from its regular price of $59.99 down to $30.00 on regular Xbox One users. Meanwhile active Xbox Live members may get it for $42.99 through the program's Spotlight Sale, Win Beta  reported.

Also, Xbox Live members who will purchase the digital version of the game will get "Plants vs. Zombies: Garden" for free.

As 2015 wrapped up with new titles for home consoles, "FIFA 16" was named as the best-selling video game in the UK. it was followed by "Call of Duty: Black Ops 3," "Fallout 4" and "Star Wars: Battlefront" on second, third and fourth spot respectively. These games reportedly each made more than 1 million sales.

Though EA's biggest soccer game racked up over 2.5 million copies across the UK, it didn't took the best-selling home entertainment title for 2015. The game was beaten by Adele's "25" album with more than 88,000 sales of physical and digital copies, Independet Uk  reported.

Meanwhile, "FIFA 16" update for its Team of the Year will be announced during FIFA Ballon d'Or Gala on Jan. 11. EA will reveal the best goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards who had played best last year.

According to Product Reviews, EA will start with goal keepers and defenders on Monday night, right after FIFA Ballon d'Or has been named. Blue cards will be assigned for the players that last for 48 hours.

Following the same schedule last year, Team of the Year midfielders will be named on Wednesday at 6pm. Again, best forwards will be announced after 48 hours, which will be on Friday. Among the names being pitched are Neymar, Ronaldo and Messi.

The full "FIFA 16" Team of the Year pack is expected to be released on Saturday or Sunday. All saved players on Draft can be accessible on the said day too.

Stay tuned for more "FIFA 16" updates.Click here to get more fifa 16 coins and improve your team.

FIFA 16 miss the 2015's bestselling home entertainment title

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According to ERA, the biggest entertainment seller of the year was Adele's 25, released on November 20, which sold just over 2.6m copies in the six weeks to the end of the year.

Even Lionel Messi must bow to the might of Adele.Click here to get more fifa 16 coins and improve your team.The singer's 25 album beat the FIFA 16 computer game to become the best-selling home entertainment title of 2015 and help drive a 4 per cent increase in UK music sales.

Despite its release just six weeks before the end of the year, 25 racked up 2.6m CD and download sales. The album recorded 88,000 more sales than FIFA 16, the year's blockbuster computer game, figures from the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) showed.

It narrowly beat the top game, FIFA 16, whose latest edition released in September 2015 sold 2.5m copies. 

There was bad news for the Apple's iTunes store however - the album download market appears to be in terminal decline, with sales falling 13%. UK singles sales slumped 15% as streaming proves a more popular alternative among young fans

The Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) has released its entertainment chart for 2015 as well as retail revenue figures from the year across music, video and games titles.

Surging digital revenues pushed the UK's combined games, video and music markets to an all-time high of £6.1bn in 2015, finally shrugging off a decade of decline, according to latest figures from the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) based on data from the Official Charts Company (music, video) and GfK Chart-track (videogames).

Entertainment sales reached £6.04bn in 2004, but that peak was then followed by years of decline, hitting a low point of £5.2bn in 2012 in the face of the impact of the internet and the closure of High Street names like Woolworths, Our Price and Virgin.

All three entertainment sectors registered growth last year with video up 1.5%, music up 3.5% and games up a striking 10%.

In each sector, it was digital services driving the growth:

In music, streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Amazon Prime Music increased sales by nearly 50% to £251m over the year.

In video, digital revenues from services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime and Sky Store exceeded £1bn for the first time, making it almost certain that video will become a majority-digital business in 2016.

While in games, digital revenues from online and mobile services - which are more than those of music and video put together – grew 17% to £1.9bn.Get more fut16coin can build your own favorite team.